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He dodges Lisca Luan and sees Santos evolve against Fluminense

He dodges Lisca Luan and sees Santos evolve against Fluminense

Coach Lisca misled over negotiations saints with Luan, from Corinthians. The coach praised the 29-year-old attacking midfielder, but he prefers to highlight his current squad.

Luan was offered by the Corinthians, who was to pay 100% of salaries until the end of the Brazilian Championship.

“I’m not talking about reinforcements, even more about those who are not in Santos. I can’t comment on maybe. The question should be put to the presidency and the board. When a player is introduced, I can talk. But calm down. I’ve already scored what I need, my preferences and that’s what I do Luan thinks he’s a great player, but I can’t comment. He’s a Corinthians player. The question should be for the Corinthians Council, said Liska yet. 2-2 draw with Fluminensein Villa Belmiro.

Lisca saw the development at Santos after a free week before facing Fluminense. The coach regretted the tie, but saw in practice what he trained in CT.

“There are so many missing. It’s only been one week. It’s a long time for football Brazilian but only one week. We will have open weeks to get involved in the team. Halfway through the tournament with Wednesday and Sunday, there’s plenty of video and analysis, but little practice. We practiced a lot with what Fluminense did. We found out and worked three or four times to neutralize the whole parallel to Denise and not let the game reverse, without running behind them and spacing our team. Marks the area by pressing the ball. And we dominated Fluminense, who had more chances from outside the region.”

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“In the second half we changed the system by entering Léo Baptistão and we went at 4-4-2, with two midfielders, two wings and two inside. Sandry wanted to redeem the penalty and went up a lot, I had a hard time asking them to keep him, but we’re finding out, but from It’s hard to practice. But we managed to train. We managed to work well, increased training intensity. They were a little afraid of the mileage and acceleration, but we have to prepare. We can feel a little physical at the end, but in 15 or 20 days the level will be better. I’m sure because I know what I’m doing,” he concluded.

Santos follows in ninth place in the Brazilian league table with 27 points. Peixe will have another full week before a showdown Curitiba Next Monday (8), in Coto Pereira, for the 21st round.