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HBO Max is bad — and the company knows it

He’s up! HBO Max heard you (and everyone else) complain on Twitter about “It looks like the app was created as if they were mad at you for using it.‘, answering the question ‘What would it be like if app developers hated customers? They know that the service always crashes when trying to speed up 15 seconds or that their computational recommendations are almost non-existent. They heard you. And what do you know? You hurt HBO Max’s feelings, okay?

In an interview with Eagle An anonymous senior WarnerMedia executive said it was “extremely painful” to deal with all the jokes being made using the internet platform.

It almost makes you feel guilty for hating an app that, despite having the best content, has such serious design flaws that it can hardly be used. “We know all the mistakes,” said the CEO. “We’re not blind.”

According to internal sources at HBO, who only agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity, the flaws are due to the fact that the HBO Max app was built on top of the remnants of the (which were already bad) HBO Go and HBO Now apps.

While competitors like Netflix and Hulu developed from scratch, HBO initially created the app to pass it on. Game of thrones. In this context, user experience issues have been ignored by engineers so that the app can withstand the hundreds of thousands of people who come to see the dragons on Sunday night.

But who cares about what happened in the past? The app is a mess of the day. What will they do in the future?

According to an anonymous executive who spoke with Vulture, HBO is working on a major update to the app. “We will update all TV-related apps in the next four to five months,” he promised. The changes should come first for Roku and PlayStation. Apple TV customers will have to wait until the end of the year, while the rest of the customers will only see updates in 2022.

HBO Max has one of the best streaming catalogs. Not surprisingly, its operating income is $2.3 billion. But none of this justifies having to wait another five months for a decent update.

It’s really sad to see a bad app that drives people away from one of the best streaming catalogs today. In contrast to a slow application, HBO engineers must rush to make improvements — or risk losing customers.

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