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Hyundai Creta Platinum Turbo [Auto+ / João Brigato]

HB20 leads sales in May, but Crete surprises – Automais

Hyundai HB20 is the best selling car in May so far. The hatch outperformed the Fiat Strada in the first half of the month and topped the pickup by nearly 300, according to Fenabrave’s rating. However, these two models are always at the top of the rankings. Thus, the highlight is the Hyundai Creta, which took third place.

In April, for comparison, the SUV took 11th place in the overall standings, with 4,255 units sold. This half of May, there were 3,613 license plates for the model, the result of it being positioned on the podium among the best sellers to date.

In this way, the Creta bypassed the cheaper models, such as the Chevrolet Onix (4th place) and Fiat Moby (6th place). Between those two cars was the Chevrolet Tracker, the fifth best-selling model in May in the first seventeen days of the month.

Hyundai HB20S [divulgação]

Fiat Pauls is among the top ten

If the surprise of Crete is positive, then the Fiat Pulse is one of the negative highlights of the month. In April, the model took fifth place overall, with 5,520 units, but the SUV wasn’t able to maintain a good pace in May, being 15th place so far, with 2014 units sold.

However, since there are still two weeks left until the end of the month, the Fiat model can still recover. Other cars can also change their position in the standings until the end of May.

Fiat pulse thruster [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Fiat pulse thruster [Auto+ / João Brigato]

Below, check out the best-selling cars in May so far. Data from Fenabrave.

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All- Hyundai HB20: 5,287 units

Secondly – Fiat Strada: 4,906 units

Third – Hyundai Crete: 3613 units

Fourth- Chevrolet Onyx: 3362 units

Fifthly – Chevrolet Tractor: 3106 units

Sixth – Fiat Moby: 3102 units

Seventh- VW T-Cross: 3040 units

Eighth – Chevrolet Onyx Plus: 2852 units

9- Fiat Toro: 2,835 units

Tenth – Jeep Compass: 2,742

Fiat Strada Automatic
Fiat Strada Vulcano CVT [Auto+ / João Brigato]

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