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Have you completed any of them yet?

The “GTA” game franchise has been a huge success. GTA 5 version has many activities to be done in the city and its surroundings. It can vary in difficulty level, and you can choose from the simplest to the most difficult. Keep reading and find out what the The hardest GTA missions.

There are several missions in ‘GTA 5’

Below we list the most difficult missions in GTA 5. Try it:

1. Triathlon

Since it is a high-intensity activity aimed at Olympic-level athletes, it requires swimming, running, and cycling skills. Soon, his clone couldn’t be different!

In total, the game features three triathlon races, and the first one is unlocked after completing the Fame or Infamy mission. To ensure good performance, you must increase the resistance band for the triathlon.

2. Survey port

This is one of the missions that will push the player to the limit due to Tasks recursive. In disguise, Trevor has to place, remove, and organize goods in ship containers, while simultaneously looking for expensive items to steal. If during the service he hurt someone or broke an item, the task is resumed.

3. Bury the hatchet

During this mission, which is considered one of the most important in “GTA 5”, some important events occur. Trevor discovers that Brad has died and that Michael has become a potential traitor. Also, Michael tries to escape from Wei Cheng’s henchmen in the tomb.

4. Slight disturbance

This adventure takes place in the air. Trevor needs to steal, using a crop duster, undetected. In addition, he needs to fly a second plane into the enemy territory, which contains many opponents.

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5. Yoga

that a task Slightly different than expected. But in order to be able to complete it, you need to start and finish it three times in a row. You still need to control Michael’s movements and perform all stretching and breathing techniques. It may seem so, but it is not so simple.

6. The Big Hit

This is a combination of the many difficulties of the game, unite the big robbery and escape with the armed police and guards. The best option is to go in a zigzag, which will make everything more complicated.