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Have you caught a cold?  5 “Grandma” Tricks That Will Make You New in 24 Hours

Have you caught a cold? 5 “Grandma” Tricks That Will Make You New in 24 Hours

You must have suspected a lot of things your grandmother or mother said when I had a cold. However, know that many simple and home techniques have been shown to be really effective in improving health and relieving the annoying symptoms of disease.

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If you’ve recently had a cold and want to relieve all of your cold symptoms, there are some helpful tricks. We’ve separated 4 of the ones that have been studied and scientifically determined to be effective in combating this health condition. See what they are below:

1 – spicy food

You didn’t read it wrong, eating spicy foods really does help relieve cold and flu symptoms. Spicy foods help clear the airways and a study from Cardiff University shows this is indeed true.

According to scientists from Wales, a dish made with Madras Curry Sauce helps salivation and reduces throat pain, coughing and respiratory symptoms. Garlic and ginger will also go a long way in fighting colds, especially those caused by the rhinovirus.

2- Drink a hot drink to treat the common cold

A warm drink is another role in your quiver to reduce the effects of colds and flu. Helps instantly relieve runny nose, coughing and sneezing, Sore throat and goosebumps. Besides being something that relaxes a tired body. Rhinology magazine has shown that this tactic really works.

3 – Walking helps

An American medical research center indicates that light exercise, such as walking, helps reduce cold symptoms. In addition, physical activity improves the functioning of the immune system and strengthens the body.

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4- A hot bath against a cold

Water vapor clears the sinuses and loosens mucus. This allows you to get rid of any stuck substance in your body. a bathroom Warm water also relaxes the body, reduces headaches, and relieves muscle strain that is common when you have a cold.