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Have FGTS 2021 emergency draw dates announced? paying off

In 2020, workers with available credit in the Employment Compensation Fund (FGTS) can save up to one lowest wages From active or inactive accounts. The initiative was part of the federal government’s anti-crisis package of measures at the time, which made it possible to withdraw 60 million Brazilians and inject 37 billion Brazilian reals into the economy.

This action is also expected by workers in 2021, as the government even considered a new round of issuance at the start of the year. At the time, members of the government announced that the feasibility of new withdrawals would depend on the scenario of the first months of 2021.

However, since then, there has been no discussion or announcement of news about the benefit. Meanwhile, many other actions have been launched, such as first aid, Emergency Employment Renewal and Income Conservation Benefits (BEm), and In anticipation of the 13th salary of INSS, among other measures.

Regarding the immediate withdrawal of FGTS for those who have a balance in a linked account, there is no recent news on this topic. One of the issues that concerns the government in the face of the new issuance is the sustainability of the fund. As stated in the legislation, the resources held can be used to finance businesses in various sectors, such as sanitation and housing, for example.

Thus, it is understood that a new round of withdrawals could endanger the “life” of the FGTS. Despite all this, the chances of the government returning to the measure in 2021 are becoming increasingly rare.And although it has not yet been postponed, the worker’s statement to withdraw the additional funds has a strong chance of not happening.

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