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Has the FGTS Emergency Draw already got a start date?  |  Rede Jornal Contábil

Has the FGTS Emergency Draw already got a start date? | Rede Jornal Contábil

FGTS emergency withdrawal is one of the most anticipated actions by workers in 2021. This measure took place in 2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak in the country and allowed all workers with a balance in Guarantee Fund accounts to be able to recover up to the minimum wage of their accounts.

Although members of the government said nothing about releasing the emergency withdrawal this year, the measure is part of the emergency plan prepared by the Ministry of Economy in late 2020 in the event of a second wave of the epidemic in the country, which in fact happened.

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Even with a few comments about the measure this year, the expectation is that the emergency withdrawal of the FGTS could happen by the end of June, and the reason for this is also tied to the deadline when the government released the measure last year, as the funds were present. Available from June 29 and waiting for a one-year cycle will enable workers to have more resources to withdraw this year.

In addition, if the action was actually released, the action would be aimed primarily at the middle class. Bearing in mind that in last year’s draw program, the poorest recovered a large portion of the amounts available in the accounts and would not be able to accumulate a balance more suitable for withdrawal in 2021.

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