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Harry Styles topped the UK trend rankings with "As It Was"

Harry Styles topped the UK trend rankings with “As It Was”

He came back with everything! Harry Styles Occupied Tracks first Trending Chart From the UKThis week, along the way “As it was”, Launched last Thursday (31). The star’s new hit Recorded 4 million audio and video streams in the UK aloneStrengthens the expectation that there will be a limit Introducing live on # 1 in the official chartIt is already in the update of this Friday (8) parade.

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He is, of course, not alone in this.. In the meantime, Shawn Mendes As the Top 40 debuts with the new song approached, he appeared this week, “When You Go”Their first new song is 2022. Information from the British parade itself.

Besides them, the American rapper Lotto This week, it debuted live at # 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Official Trending Chart With track remix Great energyWho came into style with such strong musical accompaniments DJ Khalid With Mariah Carey.

Trending Chart. Photo: Breeding from the Internet

American rapper and singer Lil Dijay Marked a strong entry Trending Chart WithIn my head “It is currently on track for introduction Top 20 places in the UKAnd should indicate Lil DJ’s fourth Top 40 hit There.

Towards orgasm!

With many predictions in its favor, the new era Harry StylesFor the album “Harry’s House”It has already launched on everything and the project’s first single “As It Was” is on track to make its direct debut at the top of the UK singles charts this week.

According to official charts that calculate the UK music chart, no one picks it up Harry Styles From the top of the singles rankings this week, as “As it was” With more than twice as much sales as second place “Starlight”By the rapper Dave.

If the first place is confirmed, in the update to be released on Friday (08), “As it was” This will be the second song Harry Styles Follow in the footsteps of and reach number one in the UK singles rankings “Sign of the times”2017. Singer’s new album, The “Harry’s House”Released May 20th.

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