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Harry Styles announces live show of "Harris House" in USA

Harry Styles has the best-selling album and single of 2022 in the UK

Harry StylesDefinitely dominated the charts in 2022. And even though the year is still a few months away, the first charts already show that the singer is a real phenomenon when it comes to sales of his latest album, “Harry’s House”.

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In addition to making history Billboard Hot 100With has held the top spot for several weeks “as it were”Most Important Singles Chart AmericaNow a pop star, becoming one UK Bestsellers. how much Single as album.

According to Information that “Official Charts“, ex-A directionIt consolidated itself as the best-selling album and British single of 2022. 370,000 total units have been ranked since launch, in May. Also, no other release this year has sold more copies than FBody shapes: were 117,600 units.

Harry Styles. Photo: Internet reproduction (Official Illustrations)

Following that, it is the fifth studio album, earning the title of the second biggest album of 2021 Ed Sheeran, “=” (equal), It has slipped slightly to 2nd place this year. So far, the disk is congested A total of 346,000 units In the table UK And saying.

Rounding out the top 3, we have a female representative. Olivia Rodrigo The third best-selling album of 2022 – so far -, with “sour”It has spent over a year on the official album chart since its June 2021 release.

“as it were”

The same feat is repeated when it comes to the singles chart. Harry Styles attacked “as it were” The biggest selling single in the UK, According to the Official Charts Institute. The title track of the album “Harry’s House”, spent a total of 10 weeks at number one on British soil, making it the longest-running No. 1 of 2022 to date. The single is the biggest since Q2 of 2022 “We’re not talking about Bruno.”From the path “Charm”.

Harry Styles. Photo: Internet reproduction (Official Illustrations)

is over So far 1.3 million graphics units have been connectedPowered by Impressive 149.6 million streams, “as it were” It also holds the award for the most streamed track of the year so far. Single too Most physically purchased musicwith 12 thousand units, And Digitally downloadedwith 47,000 units per year in the UK. Success!

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