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Harry Potter: The store that sells items from Saga is for sale in the UK - small business big business

Harry Potter: The store that sells items from Saga is for sale in the UK – small business big business

Every fan Harry Potter Have you ever dreamed of going shopping? Peko diagonal. Throughout history, you can find all the magical artifacts a magician needs here. This place is mentioned for the first time ‘The Stone of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’, Finisher 20 years Released in theaters last Tuesday (16).

But, rather than buying artifacts of interest, J.K. What if you had a store that deserved to be a part of Rowling’s universe? In the UK this is possible. Shop Oliver Brighton, Known for selling “all of Harry Potter’s products”, sells for 120 thousand euros – approximately R $ 760 thousand at current prices.

Oliver Brighton Home, UK (Photo: Revelation)

The property, which opened in 2017, was recently put up for sale by owner Oliver Doll. “I grew up to be part of the first generation of Harry Potter fans and directing Oliver Brighton was a dream come true,” he says. Doll, who is married to a chef, explains that she wants to invest in new businesses in the future. “It’s been a wonderful four years, but now I’m ready to hand over the stick – or the magic wand – to the next owners.”

The products sold in the store include vats, quid sports equipment and a variety of sweets. All products are licensed Warner Bros., Responsible for the copyright of the brand.

Oliver's Brighton, UK Interior (Photo: Disclosure)

Oliver’s Brighton, UK Interior (Photo: Disclosure)

The store’s sales are being negotiated by real estate agent Hilton Smith. On one Newsletter posted on social media Doll said: “The store and all its magic items will be where they are, here on Trufflegar Street, however they will be handed over to the new owner we are currently looking for. Think of it as getting new protection against the Dark Arts author (with less drama).

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