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Harry and Meghan could be paid big after being kicked out of Frogmore – Metro World News Australia

Harry and Meghan could be paid big after being kicked out of Frogmore – Metro World News Australia

The Duke and Duchess have been evicted from Frogmore Cottage as King Charles plans to give Windsor House to Prince Andrew, as we told you. here. Harry and Meghan have only stayed at the property for six months, but have carried out major and expensive renovations to the place. However, the royal couple, now “financially independent”, paid for the renovation, raising doubts in royal circles as to whether they would receive any money in return.

Built in 1801 and part of the Crown Estate, Frogmore Cottage was originally five servants’ quarters before being converted into a large house with a private garden.

The renovations cost the taxpayer £2.4m and Harry and Meghan paid whatever went over their allocated budget.

However, the couple moved to California just six months later, where they now live in an £11 million mansion in Montecito.

Royal officials confirmed at the time that Harry and Meghan had decided to make a payment Crown real estate For the cost of the renovations in an agreement that included the lease of Frogmore Cottage for an indefinite number of years.

according to ExpressThe Duke and Duchess stated that the massive change would mean “her family will always have a place to call home in the UK”, despite her endeavor to work in the US.

It has also been reported that the royal couple wants to return public funds in hopes of cashing in the ongoing cash.

Royal officials said the Sussex couple’s decision to pay £2.4m at Frogmore was a “good deal” for taxpayers.

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The money transferred by the Duke and Duchess to cover the renovation of Frogmore Cottage also included undisclosed future rental costs.

The royal couple reportedly funds the general upkeep of Windsor House, including upkeep of the garden, with the taxpayer-funded Sovereign Grant effectively acting as ‘landlord’, according to daily Mail.

However, after reports that Harry and Meghan paid several years’ rent in advance, the abrupt termination of the lease has raised questions in royal circles about whether they will get any money back while King Charles evicts the couple and plans to hand over the keys. for Andrew.

The revelation comes after it was announced that the royal couple would be expelled when King Charles began the process the day after Prince Harry released his memoirs, Spear.

The 74-year-old monarch had passed ownership to Prince Andrew, who would have had to move from his current residence, the Royal Lodge, which he had occupied since 2003, according to the sun.

A source told the newspaper, however, that Andrew is “fighting back” at being evicted from the 30-bedroom Windsor Great Park mansion.