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Harry and Meghan almost lived in Kate and William's new home - Metro World News Australia

Harry and Meghan almost lived in Kate and William’s new home – Metro World News Australia

As Kate Middleton and Prince William plan to move from Kensington Palace to the Adelaide Cottage, we’ve learned an important detail: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry nearly lived in this residence when they were royals.

The fact is that Kate and William are moving to the royal residence called Adelaide Cottage, which is located near Windsor Castle, which is the current residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to The Independent, Prince William, Kate and the couple’s three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, will remain in their current residence at Kensington Palace until the end of the Northern Hemisphere summer, that is, until mid-September.

According to a 2018 Daily Mail report, a source said newlyweds Meghan and Harry had received an offer from the Queen. “The Queen offered the second-tier listed royal to the newlyweds as a gift” and “The couple went on a visit, loved them and will be moving soon.”

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Of course, Harry and Meghan didn’t move there and instead chose to live at Frogmore Cottage before eventually moving to Canada and the United States. This means that the home is currently available for William, Kate and their children.

A recent report from The Sun stated that the house does not require expensive renovations and that Cambridge has decided to have no resident staff. A source said: “Kate and William were very much looking forward to a modest home to start their new life in Windsor.”

“Adelaide Cottage fits the bill because it’s a four-bedroom home and they don’t need more as they have no staff. The source explained that they were pretty sure they didn’t want anything too flashy or in need of renovation or extra security so that it wouldn’t be a burden on taxpayers.”

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“An added bonus is that they can send George, Charlotte and Louis to school together locally. The three kids will enjoy running around and playing in the gardens, which is the kind of life they enjoy so much at Anmer Hall.”

It should be noted that the change comes amid a dispute between Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Prince Andrew, over the house. The Queen’s granddaughter and William’s cousin have reportedly expressed her wish for the Queen, but the Queen chose to leave the house free to William and Kate, who are her direct heirs.