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half an hour of physical activity per day helps maintain health;  See how

half an hour of physical activity per day helps maintain health; See how

Posted 3/23/2023 3:49 PM / Updated 3/23/2023 4:24 PM

(Credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press)

Lack of time, complicated routines or fatigue are the main justifications for those who do not engage in physical activity. However, set aside 150 minutes per week (half an hour from Monday to Friday) to exercise. This explains physical education specialist Luciano Lourenço at CB.Saúde – a partnership with mail With TV Brasília – This Thursday (23/3).

During the interview conducted by journalist Carmen Souza, the specialist suggested that this activity could be done with walking which could, later on, progress to running. “Walking is a biological activity, and it’s always part of your daily life. Starting with a walk is always welcome and taking a break with a run until your run is longer than a walk,” he says.

For this, Lourenço advises mixing five minutes of walking with one minute of running, always frequent. “What you can’t do is skip stages. You run 5km in a period of time, and tomorrow you’ll say you’ll do that time in less than 10 minutes. There are musculoskeletal injuries and a weakened immune system,” he warns.

Another reason to be physically active is to recover from COVID-19. Months after the injury, many patients still report difficulties regaining the same physical activity. This post-Covid period has been too long [de recuperação física]. He explains that the patient who required hospitalization or oxygen support, and was engaged in physical activity, this return organization should be more careful and patient.

Brasilia Marathon

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On the anniversary of the founding of the Federal Capital and mailThe Brasilia Marathon returns to the sports calendar. With the theme Run, Brazil, Run! The start will be at 7 am, in front of the Nelson Nelson Gym.

The event will include three tracks: one 5km and 10km, passing through the mega hub, and another 42km routes, including the north and south flanks. This last route can be done by two sprinters, each covering 21km.

Each entry will qualify you for a race kit consisting of a jersey, entry number, ecobag, and participation medal.

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