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Haddad says he discussed buying Pix on installments in a meeting with Campos Neto

Haddad says he discussed buying Pix on installments in a meeting with Campos Neto

Minister of Finance , Fernando HaddadHe said that he spoke on Monday, 3, with the head of the central bank, Roberto Campos Netoabout the possibility of installments discount operations in pix.

“I spoke yesterday (Monday) With Roberto Campos Neto about debt repayments through Pix, which could be a major innovation in our banking system. You pay in installments with this tool and improve competitiveness and credit conditions in the country,” he said, during an event promoted by Bradesco BBI.

This proposal is part of an expanded agenda advocated by the economic team to take advantage of credit conditions in the country.

It continues after the announcement

Haddad met on Monday with Roberto Campos Neto in Brasilia. The minister said the impact of potential target changes on inflation expectations was also a topic discussed at the meeting.

tax distortions

Haddad stated that the head of the Central Bank mentioned that there are about 300 billion Brazilian reals in the form of tax distortions, as cost subsidies to countries. The economic team intends to increase collection through changes in tax collection to make the rules of the new fiscal framework applicable.

“Not every tax system is built out of legitimate interests,” he said, “with quite frankness about the measure of not subsidizing company costs.” In the second, the minister criticized the decision that state support for investment is equal to financing.

“Finance support is not practiced in any developed country,” he said. In their calculations, these measures add up to R$90 billion, without discussion with the community.

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Even the minister expressed reservations about supporting investment. “How might a governor’s decision on ICMS affect the federal tax base? It really is a certain anomaly.”

According to Haddad, if society does not understand the need to correct tax distortions, it will be necessary to cut social programs. If you keep the roof (from expenses)We will no longer have to cut discretionary spending, we will have to cut R$30 billion in mandatory spending if it is maintained from 2024.