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Haddad agrees with Guedes to retain fuel tax exemption for one month – 12/27/2022

Haddad agrees with Guedes to retain fuel tax exemption for one month – 12/27/2022

economy minister who is still, Paolo Guedesin agreement with the future Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad (PT) to extend the PIS and Cofins exemption on fuel for another 30 days.

According to the column, the deputy (temporary measure) will be signed off later this week by the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) With resolution.

And in the event that the exemption is not extended, according to sources in the current government, the elected president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) will rise on January 1 “taking gasoline prices with it.”

Guedes’ team proposed that the deputy be valid for 90 days so that the new government would have more time to deal with the issue of petrol prices.

But in a conversation between Geddes and Haddad, the future minister was going to say that 30 days would be enough for his team to look for a new formula to deal with this issue.

Guedes was saying behind the scenes that the deputy’s signature would be a kind of “gesture of goodwill” from President Bolsonaro with the new government.

According to sources on file, if Bolsonaro is re-elected, the intention was to maintain the exemption throughout the next year. In the calculations of the Ministry of the Economy, the exemption of PIS Cofins on fuel costs the federation coffers R$52 billion annually. Just for diesel and cooking gas, the value is R$17 billion.

Guedes’ team has been betting on dividend and dividend taxes to find a source of income to offset the exemption, which would depend on congressional approval.

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