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Haas defends Miami bid ahead of Grand Prix – Formula 1 News

Guenther Steiner endorses off-track performances ahead of the F1 GP (Photo: Haas)

Guenther Steiner endorses off-track performances ahead of the F1 GP (Photo: Haas)

a Miami GB in Formula 1 It featured numerous events off the track, with many celebrities in the ring, and a show by the worthy pilots of SBT’s “Show de Calouros”, organized by rapper LL Cool J. Gunter Steinerhead to HaasHe defended exhibitions, was criticized by teams, but believes that the main focus of the class should always be on sports.

These separate shows are very common at sporting events in the US, but they have divided the opinion of riders and fans who follow Formula 1. However, for the Haas manager, this entertainment is important and must be present on other stages throughout the year. However, he shouldn’t steal his racing fame.

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“People want to be entertained all the time, not just sit there and wait three hours for the next time the cars come out. They want something to do, something to consume. The other things that are going on, you have shows, entertainment areas. If you have kids, you want to entertain them, not sit around.” in an ovary or on a hill. “Try telling a 12-year-old that now we have to wait two hours for the cars to come back,” Steiner said.

Although he agrees with off-track events, Guenther reiterates that the organization cannot ‘lose its hand’ in glasses and make racing a secondary thing.

“I think what they’ve done very well, the sport is still at the heart of everything. It’s racing F1 And you have two top notch shows on Friday night and Saturday night. It’s not like there’s the show and then there’s the race on Sunday. It’s the opposite. And I think they’re doing a really good job. In Miami they did it, ”the Haas boss admitted.

“they [público] They don’t just want to watch a car race. And I think that F1 He’s done a really good job over the last five years of bringing that to the consumer, and they love coming here because there’s more than just cars on the track, but the essence of racing is still racing. “

a Emilia-Romagna GBWhich was scheduled to take place on Sunday (21), was canceled due to the heavy rains that hit the northern region of Italy. Therefore, the Formula 1 It will resume its activity next Sunday (28), with Monaco GB.

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