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Haaland breaks the Champions League record and equals Messi and Luiz Adriano’s record  Champions League

Haaland breaks the Champions League record and equals Messi and Luiz Adriano’s record Champions League

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Haaland won the Ball of the Match and the Man of the Match trophy – Photo: Getty Images

Haaland in Champions
33 goals in 25 matches
One goal every 56.4 minutes played

Haaland, the Argentine star and former Brazilian striker of Palmeiras and Internacional, are the only ones to score five goals in the same Champions League match. No other player in history has scored more goals in a championship game.

Messi achieved the feat in Barcelona’s 7-1 win over Bayer Leverkusen in 2012. Luis Adriano scored five goals in Shakhtar Donetsk’s 7-0 win over BATE Borisov in 2014, in a group stage match.

Haaland could surpass that figure, but he was replaced by Pep Guardiola in the 17th minute of the second half. However, the former Borussia Dortmund needed less time to score his five goals. Unlike the Brazilian, the Norwegian and Argentine player set the mark in the knockout match.

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At 22, Haaland has scored 33 goals in 25 Champions League appearances. No other player has reached 30 goals so quickly in the tournament. In just his fourth participation in the competition, the Norwegian has passed some big names in the historic artillery, such as Kaká.

Now, Neymar, with 43 goals, is the only Brazilian to have scored more goals than the Norwegian in the Champions League. Haaland overtook Kaka, who finished his career with 30. The City striker also left behind Eto’o, Griezmann, Rooney and Robben.

Where is Haaland in the historical heroes artillery:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Port): 140 goals in 183 games
  2. Messi (Argentina): 129 games in 163 matches
  3. Lewandowski (Poland): 91 in 111 matches
  4. Benzema (France): 88 out of 147 matches
  5. Raul (Spain): 71 in 142 matches
  6. Van Nistelrooy (Knoll): 56m, 73 games
  7. Thomas Müller (ALE): 53 in 140 appearances
  8. Henry (France): 50 in 112 matches
  9. Di Stéfano (Argentina): 40 in 58 matches
  10. Ibrahimovic (Sweden): 48 in 124 matches
  11. Shevchenko (UCR): 48 in 100 appearances
  12. Eusebio (Port): 46 in 64 matches
  13. Inzaghi (Italy): 46 in 81 matches
  14. Salah (EGI): 44 out of 78 matches
  15. Drogba (CMA): 44 in 92 appearances
  16. Neymar (Brazil): 43 in 81 matches
  17. Del Piero (Italy): 42 in 89 matches
  18. Aguero (Argentina): 41 in 79 matches
  19. Mbappe (France): 40 matches in 61 matches
  20. Cavani (Uro): 35 out of 70 matches
  21. Puskas (Hon): 35 matches in 41 matches
  22. Haaland (North): 33 matches out of 28 matches
  23. Morientes (Spain): 33 games in 93 matches

Haaland celebrates the fifth goal scored by Manchester City against Leipzig – Photo: Reuters