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Gusttavo Lima concert was paid for with money transferred by City Hall

Gusttavo Lima concert was paid for with money transferred by City Hall

Gustavo Lima earns a high salary

Photo: Daniel Pinheiro/AgNews

Another show of Gusttavo Limba financed by public money became a topic. According to newspaper information Folha de Sao Paulo, The municipality of Conceição do Mato Dentro, in Minas Gerais, has transferred funds for health, education, environment and infrastructure to pay the country singer’s R$1.2 million fee. The show is scheduled for next month.

The government agency says on its website that the payment was made through resources from the Mineral Exploration Compensation (CFEM), an honor paid by mining companies to the federal government, which sends money to cities where mining is done.

However, the website of the National Mining Agency says that this amount can only be used “in the best way to improve infrastructure, environmental quality, health and education”.

The Public Prosecution Office of Minas Gerais reported that it was conducting a preliminary investigation to investigate whether there were irregularities in the recruitment.

In the middle of the week, Roraima’s Public Ministry said it would investigate São Luiz City Council for paying R$800,000 to Gustavo Lima for a presentation in December.

Mutreb defended the differences, saying that it was not his role to “examine the public accounts and the origin of the funds used by municipal councils and other government departments to pay their fees.”

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