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Gustavo Lima shows the children in his large apartment in America

Gustavo Lima’s children pose with their mother in an apartment in Miami Beach

Singer’s wife Gustavo LimaModel and Digital Influencer Andreas Suite, showed the children in the greatest confusion and enchanted! The couple are parents to two boys who are very close in age. For now, boys are the heirs of popularity. The eldest is five-year-old Gabriel and the youngest is four-year-old Samuel.

The boys spent a good part of the year with their parents. Certanejo and Model often travel to the United States with the children. There they stay at the artist’s luxury property. The singer owns a huge apartment facing the sea. The property is located in an upscale neighborhood of Miami, Florida. The condominium also houses other famous Brazilians, including businessman Roberto Justus.

On social networking sites, Gustavo Lima Showed many moments of family vacations. In the records, it can be observed that some of the rooms of the property are decorated with great elegance. Andressa celebrated another spring during the tour and since her husband was out of town due to his work schedule, she decided to celebrate the special day with her children. shows.

With Gabriel and Samuel, Mom made a delicious cake. What is a tradition in the family, also happens on children’s birthdays. After the dessert came out of the oven, two very crafty master chefs did their best on the confections. The brothers spread lots of chocolate icing and decorate it with sprinkles and edible paint.

“Just to say thank you today… Thank you God for life, health, my family and the wonderful children I have!!! Thanks!!! Thank you for all the kind messages you have sent me, I am so grateful for each and every one of you!!! Note: Greetings extinguished the candles, the wind did not let them burn,” wrote Andressa.

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There were pink balloons and candles at the festive party with two lively guests:happy birthday”. In the background, you can see the beautiful ocean of Miami and some details of the exterior of the luxury residence on the beach Gustavo Lima.

Play Instagram Andressa Sudha, wife of Gustavo Lima, celebrated her birthday with her children outside the apartment.

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