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Guilma talks about a new tour that remembers 28 years of his career: 'There will be a lot of good crying' |  Lovely

Guilma talks about a new tour that remembers 28 years of his career: ‘There will be a lot of good crying’ | Lovely

On the eighth of April, joelma He started his new tour, “This is Calypso”, in São Paulo. For a year, the singer will tour the country with 100 shows, performing the biggest hits of her 28-year career. In an exclusive show for Lovely The artist provided a preview of what fans will soon enjoy.

In addition to keeping everyone off the sofa with her rhythm, in an interview with reporter Flavia Cintra, joelma She talked about anticipation for this musical marathon and explained the story behind the tour’s name, a famous phrase she always uses.

This famous phrase arose because at first I was very prejudiced against people from the North. At the beginning of the band, there were three bands in the same dressing room, everyone was talking, and a girl asked, “Where are you from again?” We are from Belem do Barra. I got up like I had a contagious disease, I left. And on that day, I remember getting up on that platform and entering like this: “Straight from Belem do Barra. Ah, that’s a calypso. And then came this cry for freedom, you know? Calypso is a percussion, okay? Like foro, a pagoda. It’s a percussion” .

– Guilma

The nostalgic mood that would be present on the tour had already begun. In the clip that the singer recently released, joelma She wears an outfit similar to the one she wore at Calypso’s biggest show, in Manaus, in 2004.

during the pandemic, joelma He was infected with Covid three times and reveals that he is still dealing with complications of the disease such as lack of memory and frequent bloating. In an interview with Fantástico, in 2020, she said that He was in bed for 60 days and couldn’t breathe until three months later of the diagnosis. Nevertheless, she asserts:

“I am ready, thank God. From the moment I step up on stage, I do my best. Until the last drop.”

Watch the full interview above.

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