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Guarani had 44.8% of the cast used for Paulista trained at Brinco de Ouro.  Details |  Guarani

Guarani had 44.8% of the cast used for Paulista trained at Brinco de Ouro. Details | Guarani

a Guarani To resume this Tuesday to start preparations for the dispute over the Brazilian B-Series. The expectation is that the club will announce reinforcements in the next few days, but one thing is practically for sure, a part of the squad will be formed by the Bugrena base.

This was also true for Campeonato Paulista, where 44.8% of linked players were Bugre sons.

Across the state, coach Alan Al has included 29 athletes in the games, 13 of whom have trained at home.

Ponte Preta x Guarani, Majestoso, Moisés Lucarelli, derbi 199 – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Of those 13, only Pablo, aged 28, and Dafo, who spent time in Corinthians, actually worked outside of Bugri. The other 11 came directly from the lower classes to gain a gradual space in the main team.

  1. Bidou (left-back)
  2. Caio Henrique (midfielder)
  3. Eliel (left-back)
  4. Lucas Cardoso (goalkeeper)
  5. Matthews Lodke (Right-back)
  6. Matthews Dafoe (forward)
  7. Matthews Souza (Forward)
  8. Pablo (right back / attacker)
  9. Pedro Accursi (steering wheel)
  10. Renanzino (Forward)
  11. Thiago Jalis (goalkeeper)
  12. Tete (defender)
  13. Victor Ramon (defender)

Of the players above, only Victor Ramon has left the club after his contract was not renewed. The player has not formally agreed with another club.

Bruno Bianconi, a defender who also trained at base, has been training with the main team for some time, but has had nothing to do with any of the matches. The player should win more chances throughout the season.

Meanwhile, Dafoe has a contract that expires in June, but Guarani is already working on renewing the loan with Corinthians at least until the end of Series B.

With the second division budget expected to increase, Guarani should mix youngsters from the base with new recruits to compete. But the club has not reported his arrival yet.

The second division debut is scheduled for May 28, that is, Friday, when Boger welcomes Vitoria, at 19:00, to Brinco de Oro.

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