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Growing Complaint About Copa Album At Procon - 09/02/2022 - Panel SA

Growing Complaint About Copa Album At Procon – 09/02/2022 – Panel SA

After the release of trophy albumIn August, Procon-SP registered more than 430 complaints about Panini, the company responsible for printing.

In the previous month, there were 30 complaints. The Consumer Protection Agency notified Panini on Friday (2) to seek clarification on selling problems Collections, Album Collections & Stickers An individual.

According to Procon-SP, the company must inform, until September 9, what are the deadlines for the delivery of products, if they are met, and how to notify consumers in the event of a delay in delivery.

The agency also asks about customer service channels, whether it is possible to speak with attendees, and how many calls have been made since the start of the products being sold, among other points.

Editora Panini, sought by Panel SA, said it was increasing production and it had increased the number of people present, as well as a system to speed up the process.

“In order to seek consumer distribution alternatives, since the beginning of sales, the publisher has also established several business partnerships with major national retailers, distributed across the country,” the company says in a note.

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