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Grey’s Anatomy plans to end another couple; Find out which

Grey’s Anatomy Planning to finish a couple more

If you’ve watched all of the seasons of an ABC production, you’ll likely agree Grey’s Anatomy He has two special talents: killing beloved characters and ending with spouses that fans love

As expected, Jackson (Jesse Williams) goes after April (Sarah Drew) in a 17 x 14 episode and as soon as he sees it, he shows a movie in his mind with all the good (and crazy) moments he had when they were together.

Although Kepner left the series married and apparently happy, there are those who believe the producers are pulling the strings until the grayness of Japril returns to existence.

Thus, it is the end of Jackson Grey’s Anatomy?

If you often follow behind-the-scenes discussions and fan theories, you probably remember that even before Season 17First of all, some people thought this might be Avery’s final turn. And even in the absence of confirmation, some of the possible alternatives to the character, according to fanatics, are:

  • Jackson finds April and somehow they stay together, which causes Doctor to leave the series. Which will lead to the end of the April marriage; The character meets April and the actress returns to the stable cast; Avery meets Kepner, but it will just be a doctor’s appearance, similar to what happened with the other characters who were on “the beach.”

It is worth remembering that these are just theories and that in order to know what will actually happen, it will be necessary to wait for the next episode.

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The series announces a new hiatus

It is true! If you notice this well, a message will appear at the end of the promotional video Grey’s Anatomy It will take another hiatus, the second, after the break announced at the end of last year.

We must remember that Grey’s Anatomy He will only have 3 more episodes, that is, the current season will contain only 16 shows. The decision was announced throughout the current season and aims to ensure the health of the artists and staff working on the medical show.

Seventeenth season in Brazil

As far as we know so far, Sony, which is responsible for broadcasting the seventeenth season in Brazil, will have only one hiatus and will return on May 4, 2021, with the seventh episode in whichDistinguished by the death of DeLuca.To check exhibits on this TV channel it is imperative that you have a TV subscription plan that includes this programming network.

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