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Grêmio football runner-up notes the departure of Douglas Costa in 2022: 'It's hard to keep up' |  Syndicate

Grêmio football runner-up notes the departure of Douglas Costa in 2022: ‘It’s hard to keep up’ | Syndicate

The trend is that Douglas Costa will not follow Grêmio in 2022. That was an indication of soccer team Vice President Dennis Abraham’s side at a press conference on Monday afternoon. The manager stated that the striker is too expensive for Tricolor in the second division and is looking for a good deal for both sides.

Grêmio’s latest 10 shirt work has impacted the environment. yellow card Followed by insults on the networks social, and Request the release of your wedding Two days before the match with Atlético-MG and Celebrating the goal with goodbye Create an atmosphere of conflict with fans. Abrahão also lists the injuries and the amounts involved.

His business manager (Douglas) had a great sensitivity and partnership with us. I already have a call to answer Douglas Costa’s attorney. This player everyone knows is expensive. It’s exceptional, but it gave a bit of a comeback for the club. He’s a magician with the ball, but he’s been injured for a long time, so we have to talk. It has high quality, but no decision has been made on it – said the manager.

What Grêmio will play is very expensive, which is Series B for the Brazilian nationals, Copa Brazil and Gaucho. It’s hard to keep the team because of everything you’ve shown.

– Dennis Abraho, Vice Footballer

Douglas Costa should not stay at Grêmio in 2022 – Photo: Lucas Uebel / Divulgação Grêmio

Information about Douglas’ participation in Thursday night’s party has also been handled. The leader mocked the disappearance of Joe, who has been away from home since that date and will be at the event with the Grêmio striker.

– It is cost effective. There has been news of people not coming home since Thursday. He was away for four days. The party was really good, they’re on vacation, and the players don’t think as much as us. We are normal humans. Work, to get out, should be good for both parties. If it was only for Douglas, it wouldn’t. If it was only for Grêmio, it wouldn’t. We maintain balance – the most prominent leader.

Douglas Costa has a contract until June 2022 with Grêmio. On the same date, the relationship with Juventus ends. If the Italians do not move towards renewal, which is the trend, Douglas has already agreed to a new engagement until December 2023 with the Gauchos.

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