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Grêmio crushes Obreiro with a display from Diego Souza and two goals from Elkeson

Grêmio crushes Obreiro with a display from Diego Souza and two goals from Elkeson

Diego Sousa made the difference again. today (9), Syndicate He crushed the Rio Opera 5-1 in Porto Alegre in a match valid for Round 23 of the Brazilian Second DivisionThe attacker’s mark. In addition to swinging the net, Shirt 29 took part in the play that opened the scoring and then assisted Gabriel Teixeira. Before the final whistle, Elkeson, who replaced Grêmio’s top scorer, turned victory into defeat.

Campaz, Diego Souza, Gabriel Teixeira, Elkeson and Rene scored (against) Grêmio’s goals. Khalil scored the worker.

The result brought Grêmio up to 43 points and resuming second place, as he suffered from Bahia’s falter. El Salvador lost 2-0 to Sampaio Correia away from home.

In the next round, Tricolor visits the gaucho CRB and receives the Operario Sampaio Corrêa. Both matches will be played on Saturday (13).

Who Has Worked Well: Diego Souza

The central striker left the area and built play for the first goal of the match, when he passed over the defense. In the last stage, the striker scored the eleventh goal in the second division, even leaving Gabriel Teixeira in the face of the goalkeeper to score the third goal.

17 matches and counting

Victory in Porto Alegre extends Grêmio’s streak of unbeaten in Serie B. It has been more than three months without a loss and 17 matches between wins and a draw.

Vanderley and feeling terrible

At the age of 38, the goalkeeper returned to Grêmio in Porto Alegre and made a good save throughout the first half. The law of the former is almost inverted, to avoid goals. But Campaz took the opportunity before the end of the first half.

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“[Sensação] awful, huh [por levar gol perto do intervalo]? We were playing really well, we even had a chance to score. It’s always hard to score at the end. But we have full conditions for a draw and even a game changer,” the goalkeeper told Premiere before conceding Grêmio’s other goals.

Gremio takes time to establish itself

Campaz scored the first goal of the match in the 44th minute of the first half. This says a lot about the beginning of the fencing in Porto Alegre. Despite having more possession of the ball, Grêmio couldn’t have been creative or had depth. To make matters worse, the team made a defensive error and fought fears throughout the first stage.

The worker is irresistible

After the break, Grêmio improved in attack. Even more powerfully, the team managed to win 2-0 in a move reviewed by the VAR. Khalil’s goal came in the next minute, but it did not change the fate of the duel. Gabriel Teixeira scored the third goal and put Grêmio’s supremacy on the scoreboard. In the 44th and 49th minutes, Elkeson gave the final numbers.

Elkeson takes a hit and scores

The striker arrived on the field in the 29th minute and five minutes later, he was hit by Thales in an acrobatic throw. The defender hit Elkeson in the head with his right foot (the interference was red after the VAR review and he was wounded in the head by Gremio, who had to play with a hat). But the presence of the 9 jersey went further: he turned the victory into a defeat with two goals, in the 44th and 49th minutes.

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data sheet:

5 x 1 worker board
Brazilian League B – Round 23
Date it is time: 09/08/2022 (Tuesday), 19:00 (Brasilia time)
place: Arena do Gremio in Porto Alegre (RS)
general: 11,367 people (10,174 paid)
Enter: 346304.00 Brazilian Real
Rule: Bruno Arlio de Araujo (FIFA/DF)
Auxiliaries: Thiago Henrique Neto Correa Farinha (Defender) and Thiago Rosa de Oliveira (Defender)
Video Assistant Referee: Igor Junio ​​Benevenuto de Oliveira (FIFA/MG)
yellow cards: Petillo and Nicholas (GRE)
red card: Thales (OPE)
Objectives: Campaz, 45 minutes into the first half (GRE); Diego Sousa, 9 minutes into the second half (GRE); Khalil, 10 minutes into the second half (OPE); Gabriel Teixeira, 17 minutes into the second half (GRE); Elkeson, at 44 minutes into the second half and at 49 minutes into the second half (GRE)

Syndicate: Brino. Rodrigo Ferreira, Jeromel, Bruno Alves and Nicholas; Villasante, Lucas Leiva (Betello), Gabriel Teixeira, Campaz (Gabriel Silva), Guilherme (Gunderson); Diego Souza (Elkeson). Technical: Roger Machado

factory worker: Vanderley. Arnaldo, Tallis, Rene and Fabiano; Rafael Chorao (Michel), Ricardinho (Fernando Neto), Felipe Garcia (Gian Carlo), Thomas Bastos (Leandrinho), and Paolo Victor; Jefferson (Khalil). Technical: Matthews Costa