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Greccio, Conference on Faith and Science “Assis Nel Vento”

It is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 2nd and Sunday, July 3, starting at 10 a.m., in the conference room at museum international subordinate Grecho . birth sceneThe ninth edition of the Faith and Science Conference.Assisi in the windThe event promoted by the municipality of Greccio was created in the structure that houses a rich group of artistic families of different cultures and styles, immersed in an suggestive scenography, dedicated to angelic and artificial intelligence.

“Why GRECCIO” by Claudio Pace

Artificial intelligence, unfortunately for its civilian and military uses, is a topic of great interest due to its scientific and economic implications (its impact on the world of work, for example) and ethical implications. The approach to the world of angels, rooted in the time-honored tradition of Grecho, who celebrates São Miguel as a patron saint and who also sees an angel represented in representing the emblem of the council, is a useful key to understanding truth that is at the same time spiritual in nature as “angelic diationism” and as scientific in nature as The nature of “intelligence”. end to end

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