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Former Palmeras, Matos post photo with Tudu in USA: 'One day we will be together again' - 05/24/2021

Gowal, son of Anderson Silva, was injured in a kickboxing match in the USA – 11/09/2021

Anderson Silva’s children continue their adventures in martial arts. Gabriel and Khalil Silva clashed last Friday (5) at the Fighters Rep.

Gabriel Silva was defeated by Winnie Familiaria, who has more experience in the world of fighting than Brazil (Anderson’s son fought five times against Familiari’s 16 runs). A fight In it Gabriel started better than the American, moved well with his distance, but began to match the opponent’s feet better, 48 seconds from the end of the first round, the American caught a round punch Brazil. Full.

Until the referee fought it off and gave Gabriel the account, the fighter began to beat the Brazilian, who returned to the fight, but again had direct victories, resulting in a win for the Winnie Family at the event.

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This is the first defeat in Gabriel Silva’s kickboxing career and it means he did not win the title. With this victory the Winnie family won the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) West Coast Belt.

Anderson Silva’s other son, Galileo, was positive on Friday night. In his second kickboxing fight, the heir to the UFC legend faced a fighter with more experience (he had fought more than once than the Brazilian), the Turkish Melo Pamuk, and defeated him by a unanimous decision of the judges.

Call worked well, using round jabs and hitting Pamuk several times on the head. The performance, which had many of the tactics used by ‘Spider’ in his MMA battles, did not allow the Turks to counter-attack, and was the second victory in two battles for the Brazilians.

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