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Govt-19: Britain's education minister proposes to reduce isolation to five days

Govt-19: Britain’s education minister proposes to reduce isolation to five days

British Education Minister Nadim Jahawi has argued that reducing the isolation period associated with Govt-19 from the current seven to five days would be effective in tackling the labor shortage that is affecting many services in the UK. It may be recalled that the period of isolation in the country was recently reduced from ten to seven days.

Nadeem Jahawi advanced to the Sky TV network Health experts and British government scientists are evaluating the possibility of reducing this period due to infectious or dangerous contacts, which will “certainly help reduce some of the pressure on schools and staff in other areas where it is important”.

However, he stressed that the decision to reduce the isolation time should be taken seriously by experts and scientists. “What you don’t want is to create the wrong end with a high level of infection,” he stressed.

In subsequent reports to the BBC, Nadeem Jahawi, who is preparing to charge for Kovit tests from the population, is so far free, it has been improved in some ways.

According to The Guardian, over the past two weeks, there have been discussions in the United Kingdom about reducing the period of isolation from covid effects, with experts fearing that 30% of those who leave home on the fifth day may still be there. Infection. Contacts.

According to Jahawi, 90% of high schools were reopened, while 8.5% of British school staff could not go to work after Christmas. The official expected the rate of non-attendance to “increase” when returning to schools.

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The Minister revealed that plans are being prepared for a greater number of casualties among the staff. “I have to have contingency plans to avoid 10% to 25% because Ómicron is very contagious,” Nadim Jahawi told the BBC.

Photo: Chris McAndrew