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Governors secure their re-election with strong victory in Madrid Regional Offices |  Scientist

Governors secure their re-election with strong victory in Madrid Regional Offices | Scientist

With nearly 100% of the vote already counted, the Conservatives from the People’s Party (PP) definitely won the regional elections in Mothers This Tuesday (4).

The People’s Party (PP) candidate and current chairperson of the Autonomous Community – the equivalent of the ruler -, Isabel Díaz Ayusu, must remain in her position since 2019.

The region, which has a history of electing conservative parties, won 65 seats in the Parliament of Madrid for the People’s Party (35 more seats than in the previous elections) – and an absolute majority was formed with 69 seats.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso at the headquarters of the Popular Party (R) in Madrid on May 4, 2021 – Photo: Susanna Vera / Reuters

The Conservatives, on their own, have won more seats than the entire Left Party – and are counting only on the far-right Vox Party abstaining from the vote to preserve power.

The Socialist Party of Obrero Español (PSOE), the party of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, achieved its worst result in history and took only 24 seats in the Assembly of Madrid.

See the distribution of seats in Madrid:

  • Pp. – 65
  • More Madrid (corner) – 24
  • PSOE – 24
  • VOX – 13
  • United We Can (corner) – 10
  • Citizens (dir) – 0

Regional presidential candidate and leader of Unidas Nós, Pablo Iglesias, said after the results were announced that he would step down.

“I leave all my posts. When we stop being useful, we have to know how to leave,” he said at a news conference.

Community of Madrid is the richest 17 autonomous regions in Spain, similar to the division of states in Brazil.

With a conservative history, the region in the Spanish capital – and with the same name – has been headed by right-wing governments for 26 years.

Hundreds of supporters gathered in front of the People’s Party headquarters in central Madrid to celebrate the ballot box result.

Shoemaker meets the client in Madrid on January 28th – Photo: Bernat Armangi / Associated Press

Campaign against closures

Ayusu has been one of the faces of the People’s Party against the imposition of lockdowns to combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain.

The country, which has 3.5 million cases of infection and 78.3 thousand deaths worldwide, has already been identified as the epicenter of the global epidemic and has faced strict restrictions to reduce the incidence rate.

In contrast to the national guidelines imposed by socialist Sanchez, Ayusu kept commerce, bars and restaurants open even as the number of cases rose.

Research centers indicate that PP support came specifically from entrepreneurs and people in the food and trade sector who agreed to stay open during the first wave of Covid.

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