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Government program will help debtors who earn up to minimum wage – News

Government program will help debtors who earn up to minimum wage – News

Government and financial sector representatives Advanced design in “Desenrola”President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s campaign flag, said Ferrapan president Isaac Sidney, and other people with knowledge of the negotiations.

debt refinancing programme A compulsory minimum discount to be offered to debtors must be specified. In addition, the target audience should be people with an income that amounts to a minimum wage – today, R$2,600.

The program aims to reduce Record the indebtedness of Brazilian households, which amounts to 80 million people, including bank and non-bank debts. On social media, she wrote the Lola Ann campaign The aim of “Desenrola” is to serve those who earn up to three minimum wages.

“In addition to the relevant conceptual aspects that we are discussing, there are difficult operational issues that need to be addressed, and the point is to have a program that is transparent, with clear conditions and rules for access and that optimizes the use of public and private resources, and achieves as many negatives as possible,” he said. Sydney.

By design, each creditor will be at liberty to decide what percentage of the discount they will offer in excess of the minimum. However, whether the discount will cover the interest on arrears, the face value of the debt and the terms of repayment remain to be determined. the The program must have a minimum and maximum payment in installments.

“I think we made important progress at this last meeting on the merits of the program, which is based on a set of incentives to make it not only attractive, but above all workable,” said the Veerappan Chairman.

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