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Government "excesses" to open US business office

Government “excesses” to open US business office

The document – an “administrative summary” – justifies the need for the government to open a representative office of the Ministry of Economy in the United States in Brazil, according to the government. Since its publication, the initiative has been criticized in the diplomatic universe because the organization operates within the Brazilian embassy in the United States.

The text shows Brazil different from reality and on paper, Brazil shows a prosperous economy subject to reforms that provide security for foreign investors.

“Over the past three years, the federal government has made continuous efforts to increase Brazilian productivity: new regulatory frameworks, systematic reduction of bureaucracy, stimulation of free enterprise, ease of competition, the possibility of greater private investment, global inflows, reductions, and a significantly better business environment to strengthen our manufacturing sector. Activities and will create more jobs and income for Brazilians, ”said a document from the Noblat blog.

And according to a speech sent by Itamaraty to Planaldo, after going through the economy, foreign investment is becoming a key factor “because of the public sector financial constraints and the low domestic savings rate in the country”.

The Brazilian government believes that foreign investors are not aware of the changes taking place in Brazil’s business environment and that it is a “safe haven for investment.”

The seven objectives of this office listed in the document include integrating the image of Brazil as a “safe environment”, disseminating key economic reforms that have been implemented and identifying barriers in Brazil and working with the government on foreign investment. Bodies for its mitigation or disposal.

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The Washington office will be occupied by Carlos da Costa, Secretary of State for Economic Development and Competitiveness.