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Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and technology “prophet”, dies at 94 |  Sciences

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and technology “prophet”, dies at 94 | Sciences

Gordon Moore is the creator of Moore’s Law and co-founder of Intel in the 1960s – Image: Intel Corporation

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, died on Friday at the age of 94, the company said. He was at home in Hawaii surrounded by his family.

Moore and Robert Noyce founded Intel in July 1968. He was executive vice president until 1975, when he became president. In 1997, Moore became honorary president, stepping down in 2006.

During his life, he also devoted himself to science projects and environmental conservation. With his wife, he founded the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which has given away more than $5.1 billion to charity since its founding in 2000.

“Those who have known and worked with Gordon will forever be inspired by his wisdom, humility, and generosity,” said Foundation President Harvey Weinberg.

In addition to Moore’s role in founding two of the world’s leading technology companies, he predicted in 1965 that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit would double each year – a prediction that became known as Moore’s Law.

Moore was projected three years after the creation of Intel and was responsible for stimulating research into creating and improving memory chips and processors.

Investment in research after Moore’s Law eventually led to a revolution in technology. The innovation of Intel microprocessors, for example, opened the doors to the development of personal computers (PCs) and stimulated the creation of other technologies, such as smartphones.

According to Intel, Moore’s Law continues to apply to this day.

Gordon Moore has played an important role in the development of modern technology – Image: Intel