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Google offers more than 30 free online courses;  Certificate Issuance!

Google offers more than 30 free online courses; Certificate Issuance!

Qualification opportunities are just a few clicks away online. The The Googlefor example, does not provide less than 36 free online courses Currently.

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In general, 10 online courses are offered on the platform Google Skillshoptargeting Google Ads, Analytics, and AdMob, among others, 26 on the platform Google digital playerIn the areas of digital marketing, data and professional qualification.

Modules are a good option for those who want to develop professionally without having to pay anything for it. Get to know some of them below!

Google Free Professional Training Courses

Check below some of the free courses offered by the search engine, both for beginners and for those who are already working professionally in some field. All of them, noteworthy, guarantee Issuance of certificate. paying off:

Google Skillshop

  • Google Ads: It helps the student to develop their skills in Google Ads, which are used to promote companies in the online scenario.
  • Google Analytics: It helps the participant to better understand Google Analytics. With this, he will be able to improve the metrics strategy.
  • Google Marketing Platform: It allows the student to get closer to his marketing goals and achieve his degree on the Google Marketing platform.
  • Youtube: It has free courses for those who want to learn how to run business, music, media, and Content ID accounts on the platform.

Additionally, there are also educational modules available for Waze Fundamentals E-Learning, Google Ad Manager, Google AdMob, Google for Education, and approved buyers.

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Google digital player

In this field, free online courses are offered to people who want to expand their knowledge and improve their professional skills. In short, online courses are available divided into knowledge areas, namely:

  • Digital Marketing: Perfect for anyone who wants to better understand the basics of digital marketing, increase sales and therefore the success of the company on the web.
  • Professional qualification: It is aimed at those who want to find a good job, where curriculum creation strategies are taught, as well as tips for increasing productivity at work and improving corporate communication.
  • data: It promotes modules to understand the basic concepts of coding which will help the professional to improve the security of the company in the online environment.

How to participate and register for Google’s free online courses?

Anyone wishing to participate in a class to improve the curriculum should have access to the free online modules Google Skillshop or the Google Digital Studio.

There, the user knows all the topics available for the courses, as well as the duration of each class and the skills that are taught.