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Google launches a tool that erases your personal data from search: Find out how to use it. Understand

Google launches a tool that erases your personal data from search: Find out how to use it. Understand

In an era where online privacy is becoming a growing concern, Google has taken a significant step by launching an innovative feature called “Privacy in results about you.” This tool allows users to request the removal of their personal information, such as name, email, and phone number, directly from Google search results.

Announced during the Google for Brazil event in June 2024, this feature aims to enhance the protection of personal data on the Internet. However, it is important to understand that while the feature removes information from Google results, it does not remove it from the original web pages.

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How does Google Privacy work?

To use the Privacy in Results About You feature, users must access the specified privacy control page. From there, they must fill out a form with personal data that will be used to determine which pages display the information. This process is completely secure and confidential.

What is required to start the data removal process?

After submitting the form, Google analyzes the results and sends a notification, either by email or via push, to the websites that display the user’s personal data. From this notification, you can select the information you want to request to be removed from search results.

What are the steps to remove your personal information from search results?

  1. Access myactivity.google.com/results-about-you Click on “Start Now”;
  1. Enter your personal data in the form provided;
  1. Choose how you want to receive your test result (email or push notification);
  1. Review the email or notification received to analyze the specific results;
  1. Select the information you want to remove from the results and click “Request Removal”;
  1. Track the status of your order through the same menu.
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It is important to note that the process may take a few hours for Google to complete the check of personal data in search results.

Advantages of using the “privacy in results about you” feature.

Google’s new feature not only makes it easier to manage online privacy, but also gives users more autonomy over their online information. Although the information is only removed from search results and not directly from web pages, this is a big step forward in protecting personal privacy online.

In conclusion, the Privacy in Results About You feature is an essential tool for those looking to have more control over how their personal information is displayed online. By understanding and using these new features, users can browse the web more safely and confidently.