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Google and Microsoft pledge $ 30 billion to US to fight cybercrime

Google and Microsoft pledge $ 30 billion to US to fight cybercrime

After a meeting with US President Joe Biden, tech companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft pledged to help strengthen cyber security. Companies have come forward to invest billions in internet infrastructure, support the supply chain and ensure education.

The meeting comes after cyber attacks on government agencies and energy infrastructure such as the colonial pipeline. In fact, most of the country’s major infrastructure is run by the private sector. Therefore, the federal government cannot face this challenge alone, ”Biden thinks.

Sunder Pichchai, Alphabet CEO, Andy Jassi, Amazon CEO, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, Arvind Krishna, IBM CEO, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, were in attendance. Representatives from other sectors such as energy and education also attended.

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Promises of companies

Apple says it will ask partners to follow stricter protocols such as multifactor authentication. In addition, it will provide training on safety, incident response and vulnerability repair. Amazon plans to send a multi-factor authentication device to all Amazon Web Services users and make the safety training of its employees available to the public for free.

At Google, the idea is to invest more than $ 10 billion over the next five years to strengthen the US cybersecurity and software vendor network. The company also says it will train more than 100,000 Americans in data analysis and information technology support through its career certification program over the next three years. Microsoft promises to invest $ 20 billion in five years, with promises like Google.

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Source: On the edge, Yahoo Finance

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