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Goodbye, privacy! Wi-Fi technology allows you to see through walls

Inside Carnegie Mellon University, located in Pennsylvania (USA), researchers have managed to develop a very innovative method. The presented technology is able to detect the 3D shape and all movements of the human body in any environment through Wi-Fi. It would be as if you could see through walls.

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Developed technology is used dense pose – Pixel mapping system on the surface of the human body. It would be like setting an image, for example. Staff from Facebook’s artificial intelligence department and researchers from London worked on this research.

The new technology can see through walls with Wi-Fi

The article shows the results of the experiment able to see through walls It was recently posted on arXiv (preprint server). To capture the signals, a deep neural network is set up that is able to interpret the transmitted and received Wi-Fi signals. They are able to plot the exact coordinates of the human body.

It is noteworthy that scientists have been working on how to see through walls for a long time. Even in 2013, a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-USA) achieved a similar result with cell phone signals. In 2018, other research from MIT used Wi-Fi to detect humans in another room and translate the movements they made.

According to the recently released article, scientists believe that Wi-Fi routers may in the future replace regular RGB cameras. Although the display is not detailed, it is possible to recognize the presence of people and even identify some movements and trajectories.

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Using an internet signal is very beneficial from a point of view that does not depend on lighting and lens difficulty. These points are challenges that traditional and even more modern cameras still face in terms of security.

In fact, most families in developed countries already have it WIFI At home, this technology can be extended to monitor the well-being of the elderly or simply to identify suspicious behaviors in the home,” say the researchers of the new transparent walls experiment.