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Good agricultural practices are highlighted at Bahia Farm Show Digital Experience

Good agricultural practices are highlighted at Bahia Farm Show Digital Experience

Agricultural production in Western Bahia accounts for 24.4% of the state’s GDP, and is responsible for ensuring global food security, as well as contributing economically and socially to Brazil’s development. But for all this to be possible, environmental, economic and social sustainability is a prerequisite. This will be the theme of the Bahia Farm Show Digital Experience 2021, which was held on June 17 by the Bahia Farmers and Irrigation Association (Aiba) and the Countryside Canal. The format will be cross-platform, with live broadcasts on TV and on social networks of the Canal Rural channel, from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

The event will carry experiences from producers in West Bahia to embody the issue of sustainability as an indispensable element of the stability of rural enterprises. This topic is gaining even greater importance today, due to the success of the Brazilian agribusiness, which has achieved impressive numbers in production, especially in modern crops.

Bahia Farm Show Digital Experience 2021 is designed to strengthen relationships with partners and participants in the most traditional innovation and technology fair in the North and Northeast. The broadcast will be conducted by broadcaster Pryscilla Paiva, with the participation of journalist and commentator for Canal Rural Alexandre Garcia and channel content director Giovanni Ferreira.

“The topic that will guide the digital experience of the Bahia Farm Fair, the concept of sustainable agribusiness, needs an increasingly comprehensive view, as well as good practices that combine technology, management and conservation. We have to take into account economic and social issues, a broader vision that does not put sustainability as an option, but as a condition for the future of agribusiness,” says Giovanni Ferreira.

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Aiba President, Odacil Ranzi, remembers that the event format, designed to be a dynamic and inspiring environment, intended to foster partnerships between organizers, exhibitors and clients, is not related to the online exhibition.

“This is the ideal event for those who want to know about sustainable agriculture being practiced in the region. It is an excellent opportunity to disseminate the knowledge and experiences that have led Bahia to a leadership position in the productivity of soybeans, corn and cotton, becoming an example for the country.”