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Gol pays US government $41 million to end investigation - 09/17/2022 - Elio Gaspary

Gol pays US government $41 million to end investigation – 09/17/2022 – Elio Gaspary

Eremilto is an idiot and learns that Cole paid US$ 41 million to the US government to complete the investigation in Brazil after her bribery.

Cretin understands that the Americans ran after it because Cole was operating there. He wants to know if the Brazilian government and the National Civil Aviation Agency are interested in knowing who pocketed the herbal medicine.

Madam Natasha

Madam Natasha is a chic bolsonarista. She prefers to take the stairs rather than take the service elevator. The woman expected Paulo Guedes to brief the captain, and was disappointed when a fighter approached her to ask the condominium manager for a stipend.

“Liberals and conservatives are together because the devil is on the other side,” says Loco Guedes, a Chicago PhD who cuts hair at the Care Ipanema salon.

Natasha knows that the liberals have been de-bolsonized, and she’s horrified to see the Doctor using the Captain term to disqualify his opponent.

Tracking Guedes’s language and reputation, he suggests that he may have given a touch of elegance to his insults, looking for synonyms for misdeeds in Guimaraes Rosa.

In “Grande Sertão: Veredas”, Rosa offers about 50 possibilities.

Three of them are: Disnato, Goisa Ruim and Bai da Mentira.

The sign of the rose

At her inauguration, Rosa Weber gave an indication of what her tenure on the Supreme Court would hold.
Usually, there is a small cocktail after the ceremony.

This time there was not even water, and Brasilia was in one of its days of hellish drought.

Nursing floor

The Federal Supreme Court’s decision to cancel the R$ 4,750 salary for nurses and nurses was not discussed.

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It’s debatable whether doctors would feel safe going to a hospital staffed by nurses earning less than that.

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