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GODSENT, PaiN and Evil Geniuses Have Their Last Chance to Find a Place in RMR Americas | 5 . draft

Second and last in North America selectivity that leads to Americas RMRthe tournament that acts as a gateway to PGL Major Antwerp 2022The most prestigious competition on the world stage counter strike.

In all, over 200 North American teams will fight through Sunday night (13) to determine the last three RMR seeded teams in their region. By the way, some big names will have their last chance to walk towards the flagship.

Among them are the Brazilians My God And the the fatherwho surrendered one team And the Bad news bears In the first tests, as well as North America Evil geniuseswho surrendered to the Azaruna, discord Only last Thursday (10).

GODSENT will have the last chance to look for a place in the Antwerp Major | Photo: Wilton Coyle/Goodcent

Other notable names vying for the second trial include take the chanceAnd the discordAnd the Party astronautsAnd the orgless And the attacks. Below, see the main teams that will try to take the first step towards specialization:

On the other hand, it is interesting to note that other large teams operating in the region have already stamped their passports to Romania, the host country of Americas RMR. The very angryFor example, he qualified thanks to a good performance in Stockholm.

liquid teamAnd the one teamAnd the complication And the Bad news bears, who survived the first selection, his presence there has already been confirmed. See secured names on Americas RMR after:

Except for tournament qualifying matches, all matches will be decided in MD1. The clashes are scheduled to begin around six in the evening.

He lives

Winners of the matches valid for the Round of 32 and stamp their passports on the second day of the qualifiers. No big reservations.

21:00 Vacancy on the second day

My God And the Evil geniuses Run over their rivals and advance in the match. the father He has a little more difficulty, but he also lives.

Continue after the announcement

19:53 – Oh my God run over

Epitacio”tacoDe Mello and his forces pass over true With 16 to 0 resounding and just wait for their next opponent. the father And the Evil geniuses They lose 4-1 and 4-0, respectively.

Advance favorites unharmed. With their opponents already identified, the teams hope they will not face greater difficulties to advance again in the lottery.

The three major powers in the qualifiers face their first opponents.

6:15 pm – Favorites win bye

My GodAnd the the father And the Evil geniusesthe candidates for the centers, advance without having to play matches in the opening round, win bye and wait for their opponents to be determined in the round of 128.

5:30 pm – Expect to announce the schedule

For now, the expectation remains that the selection of selection will be announced.