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"Go out there and be a criminal attorney."

“Go out there and be a criminal attorney.”

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Cheyenne Hagbin defended Shuxa after a provocative response from Dulan’s sister Bezera

Cheyenne Dayan Bezerra replied
🇧🇷 Playback/Instagram/@shay.hb – @dayannebezerraCheyenne Dayan Bezerra replied

Xuxa made some criticisms to Diolane Bezerra The letters of the queens of acronyms sparked a huge debate in social networks🇧🇷 It turns out that the lawyer’s sister, Diane Bezera, responded to Sasha’s mother’s statements and defended her relative. Whoever found out about this entire discussion has been excluded from farm 14Cheyenne Hagbin.

Shay fails to maintain an alliance with Widow MC Kevin While he was inside reality, because of this, he sided with Xuxa in the conflict. This Tuesday (22), the former Casamento à Cegas went to Instagram Personally, he reiterated that Diane has no place in the artistic world and asked the influencer to take care of criminals, being a criminal attorney.

🇧🇷They sent me a video of Deolane’s sister, where she’s making fun of Xuxa. Honey, you don’t have the scale or the place in the artistic world here Brazil To express a person, like this respected and famous artist here in Brazil. Do the following, take care of your BO news, she’ll be there Attorney criminaltake care of criminals easier. And then, I have a facial balancing doctor who will help you a lot, see? Kiss“, He said.

until now Diane She did not respond to provocations, but it is worth remembering that this is not the first time that a sister has responded Deolin He gets involved in controversy on social media. With Deborah Albuquerque’s current husband, Dayan exchanged some barbs and the discussion reached the level of threats of prosecution.

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