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Gmail has been blown up after an inbox issue

Gmail has been blown up after an inbox issue

Gmail, a free webmail service created by Google, is one of the most used services around the world for storing messages that can be accessed from any device, whether from a cell phone or a computer. Unfortunately, the tool that many users love is the subject of complaints. understand why.

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Consumers post reports on social media that they are receiving a flood of water Email messages With ads in the inbox and that messages are not even forwarded to the promotions section, which is dedicated to this type of content to avoid inconvenience.

Complaints began to gain prominence in early May, when emails came in from Advertising He also began appearing more frequently. According to recent information, there is a significant increase in the amount of ads being served by Gmail email services.

Previously, these ads were restricted to the Promotions tab, allowing for easy identification of them and even giving users a chance to simply ignore them for a while.

Everything indicates that change has been noticed. Advertising messages now appear in the “Updates” category and, in certain cases, are added to mailing lists, causing a greater visual impact on users. users.

Reports can be followed mainly on Twitter, but it is possible to note that not all users are affected by this change, which may indicate that the company is developing tests or gradually implementing the new.

Gmail is responding to complaints about an increase in ads

On Twitter, the official Gmail profile responded to the reports and continued to let everyone know it was aware of the facts, while also acknowledging that the situation was not helpful to Google users. In one of the responses, the company sent a link to a support page with details of how ads work on the platform.

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Users also show anxiety and difficulty distinguishing between promotional emails and genuine messages, which causes problems with the experience. The ads are accompanied by images, which makes everything more intrusive, according to the latest reports.

The search giant sent a statement to 9to5Google, stating that it was all about testing. The development team is looking for effective ways to connect people with businesses and run ads in the stream within the “Promotions” tab in the app and extend this to desktop devices.