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Globo uses the character Fuzuê to work as an event broadcaster · TV news

Globo uses the character Fuzuê to work as an event broadcaster · TV news

As her character in Fuzuê, Fernanda Rodrigues will work behind the scenes at the Multishow Prize, which will take place on Tuesday night (7) in Rio. Influencer Alicia de Braga e Silva from Globo’s 7 o’clock series will be one of the officials for Globo’s digital coverage, which will present the award for the first time on open TV.

With 20 TV series in her 32-year career, Fernanda says she is excited to see the blogger let go of the imagination to engage with the audience. The artist said, in an interview with Al-Monitor, “We will be on the red carpet in this fun atmosphere that mixes music, theater and fun.” the news.

In Gustavo Reyes’ story, Alicia becomes addicted to social networks. She will work for TV Globo in the digital environment, showing everything behind the scenes of the awards ceremony. “Alicia has won in life now!” Fernanda joked.

This action is part of the broadcaster’s strategy to increase Fuzuê’s influence. Gustavo Reyes’s first TV series on Globo channel has an alarming audience on average three months after it went on air.

There is a strong movement behind the scenes to spread the story and gain an audience. In addition to the changes in the plot, the house’s programs are receiving more requests to invite Fuzuê actors to participate.

Likewise, actors were encouraged to prioritize these commitments during times when they were not recording their scenes. Officially, the broadcaster denies that there is a crisis behind the scenes of the Seven O’Clock series due to low viewership. However, the steps taken to make the story more interesting speak for themselves.

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