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Globo changes Renascer with new opening song and new character · TV News

Globo changes Renascer with new opening song and new character · TV News

Despite retaining one of the most memorable scenes from the original version, Globo made several changes in the first act of the remake of Renascer Cândida, played by María Fernanda Candido, who did not exist in 1993. The nine o'clock miniseries also gained a new opening theme song – Exchange Confins with Lua Soberana, voiced by Luedji Luna and Xênia França.

With more chapters to come, Bruno Loperi will have to change Benedetto Rui Barbosa's scripts. The author was specifically criticized for interfering little with his grandfather's original text when adapting the Pantanal in 2022.

Bleachers was created specifically for the new version, Although Maria Fernanda Candida's engagement has already ended on Monday (22). She was responsible for turning José Inocencio (Humberto Carrao) into a cocoa producer, by agreeing to sell him to a farmer who was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Colonel Firmino (Enrique Diaz) is also one of the new additions to the remake. The character was only mentioned in the first issue. Colonel Egidio (Guilherme Brumate) only appears from the second stage onwards.

Rashid has also received interpreters, as Gabriel Sater will hand over the baton to his father, Almir Sater. The peddler was played only by Luis Carlos Arotin (1933-1996) in 1993.

The opening surprised viewers on social media by giving away Confins to director Evan Lenz. Luedji Luna and Xênia França re-recorded the song Lua Soberana, by Sergio Mendes – which was already part of the official soundtrack of the first release.

“Since the Pantanal, Bruno Leberi has only done editorials with random images of nature and it was no different with Renasser. The original had a more interesting proposal. Moreover, the opening seemed to be in second gear. The music is the positive point” noted netizen Pedro Lima On X (formerly Twitter).

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