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Globo changes its organizational chart, redefines energy functions and limits Ali Kamel's performance

Globo changes its organizational chart, redefines energy functions and limits Ali Kamel’s performance

In a memo to employees, Globo President Paulo Marinho announced the new duties of the key executives. Journalist Ali Kamel’s work was limited to the so-called “basic operations” or serious news

Energy Agenda – Paulo Marinho and Jorge Nobrega, leaders of the Globo system, today distributed an internal memo to executives and employees informing the new changes in the company’s organizational system. The goal, they say, is to turn Globo more and more into a mediatech platform.

The statement states that the current leadership position in the Canales Globo region, occupied by Paolo Marinho, heir to the organization, no longer exists. The new design creates another division of tasks and decision-making power.

The new organizational chart limits Ali’s entire area of ​​expertise and directs it to so-called “core operations,” or serious news, which can mean open television and newspaper production that can eventually be used by other areas, which, however, produce your content.

It is also possible to infer from the observation that Amaury Soares, who was removed from the leadership of the press by Ali Kamel and excluded from the nucleus of power for nearly a decade, returned to this region to lead the former sector known. as “TV Globo and its affiliates”.

Eric Britas, current Director of Digital Products and Services, another who had issues in a professional relationship with Ali Kamel, began spearheading the paid channels of entertainment, kids, sports, diversity and news, including in his jurisdiction areas Digital Products and Payment Channels for International Business, Globo Filmes and VIU Hub (Social media). In theory, it is gaining strength.

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The new organizational chart is circular, so as not to clearly define hierarchical levels.

In a note sent to 247, “Globo clarifies that there are no changes in the powers of press director Ali Kamel. It also clarifies that Amauri Soares will be the director in charge of Operation Open TV (TV Globo) and its subsidiaries. Directly to the company’s new CEO, Paolo Marinho, who will take over The position is in February 2022. He will join Ali Kamel and the other directors, who will also report to Paolo Marinho, when he replaces the current CEO, Jorge Nobrega.”

Updated at 5:45 PM to include Globo Note.

Earth organization chart

Read the full text of Globo’s internal note to its employees:

Evolution of the GLOBO structure

We share with you the changes to Globo’s structure, which will take effect when we change the company’s CEO presidency, in February 2022.

This organizational design is designed to further enhance our strategy. A structure that aligns with our transformation journey and maintains the commitment to becoming more and more a Mediatech company, with our quality content strongly backed by technology and focused on the direct relationship with the consumer.

Check out the new structure:

– The current leadership position in the Canales Globo region, occupied by Paolo Marinho, has ceased to exist.

Eric Britas, current Director of Digital Products and Services, will lead paid channels for entertainment, kids, sports, diversity and news, promoting integration with the digital ecosystem. Also joining this new structure, now called Digital Products and Payment Channels, are International Business, Globo Filmes and VIU Hub (Social Media).

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– Amauri Soares will lead a new region called TV Globo e Afiliadas, consisting of our open channel and all its networks of relationships, reporting directly to Paolo Marinho.

Pedro Garcia, Director of Acquisition and Rights Governance, will integrate the Content Lifecycle Area into its structure. We also inform you that Manuel Bellemare, current Director of Finance, Legal and Infrastructure, will lead an agenda dedicated to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG).

Based on these changes, we will begin with the leaders of the affected regions to deploy the structure throughout the first half of 2022. We believe that with these new adjustments, we will be able to move forward in achieving our goals, in line with the strategy we have set, striving to be more flexible and efficient which You continue to work collaboratively in the search for results.

We will do it together with the participation of all of you.


Jorge Nobrega and Paulo Marinho

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