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Globo Casemiro pins in an advertisement for the Club World Cup

Globo Casemiro pins in an advertisement for the Club World Cup

Holder of the rights to broadcast the FIFA Club World Cup on television, Globo promoted the competition in an unusual way: he provoked Casimiro Miguel, the presenter and broadcaster who will compete for the fans of the competition on CazéTV, the YouTube channel and Twitch that was successful and broke records in the World Cup.

The voice of Gustavo Villani simulates a possible final match between Flamengo and Real MadridWhile two fans discuss watching the match. With a representative with a very similar appearance, the “Real Madrid” shirt, with the traditional Basque crest – Team Cazé – and even catchphrases, the call is almost entirely in reference to the Person of the Year 2022, elected by eSports. Brazil Awards for two consecutive years.

See the announcement, with Casimiro mentioning it in the same tweet:

In the comments, almost all of the fallout points to a clear push from Globo towards Casimiro and the CazéTV project. “Casimiro accomplished something Record, SBT and Band have been trying for decades: intimidate Globo,” one tweet wrote.

Casimiro Miguel has three transmissions that rank as the fifth most watched in Brazilian YouTube history: 5.3 million people watched the Brazil-South Korea clash on CazéTV. The match against Switzerland and the appearance of the team Brazilian national team In the Cup they are the second and third places, respectively.

On Twitch, the synced record also belongs to Casimiro. Kazeh’s reaction to the first episode of the series “Neymar – The Perfect Chaos ”, by Netflix, gathered about 540,000 people at one time, which made him the historical leader of the platform.

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Watch the web fallout on the Globoplay call: