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GKay confirms Anitta's concert in Farofa's upcoming release

GKay confirms Anitta’s concert in Farofa’s upcoming release

influencer Jessica Kayani, Known as GKayconfirmed that Anita It will be on your next farofa. And the famous person posted on Instagram a video clip showing several excerpts from the singer.

To further encourage his followers, who are hoping to get their hands on the long-awaited trash bag (an invitation to the next release), GKay wrote on it in bold letters “Let’s start with the boss.”

It is worth noting that taking Anita to her famous party is a digital influencer’s dream. In the past, the Rio de Janeiro singer had already confirmed that she would be performing exclusively, but it turns out that the engagement didn’t happen.

The revelation was made during the PodCats podcast, hosted by Virgínia Fonseca and Camila Loures, that GKay said the presentation had to be canceled due to a business trip to the US.

“One fine day I was browsing on Netflix, Anitta called me and asked about party days. She said that one day she would be free and that I would just have to pay for the plane. put together an exclusive look, and she was going to perform an exclusive show just for Farofa,” he said.

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In the conversation, Jakai said that the pop singer’s show would take place on the same day as Liu Santan’s performance, but he had to cancel: “On the day, an event came up that it seemed like Dua Lipa had spoken and she would have to replace her. It had something like that. She called me.” And I explained it to me and said, “I think you did more than just come over, which was showcasing yourself.”

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GKay Farofa for everyone

According to Popline, Gkay’s Farofa, which is gaining momentum in 2021, could become an event open to all. According to the site, the famous influencer is thinking about it and anything can happen in the coming years.

“There is a possibility, it is being studied a lot because if Farova is open to the public it will be in the form of a festival. In 2022, not yet. But who knows next year,” she said.

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