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Girl suffers tongue burn from eating sour candy

Girl suffers tongue burn from eating sour candy

An Australian girl suffered burns to her tongue after she fired 10 acid bullets into her mouth at once. The girl, whose age was not disclosed, sustained significant burns that created her tongue.

When she was in so much pain, she cried for her mother. Fortunately, Kirsty Wright was at home and was able to call her doctor quickly. However, he said there’s not much you can do other than take pain relievers and ice packs to reduce swelling while the tongue heals.

In 9News, dentist Jonathon Teo, of the Dental Association of Australia, warned that parents should be careful and prevent their children from putting large amounts of candy or sour lollipops on the ball.

“This candy can be very dangerous,” he said. “Products with this acid level or PH level can cause chemical burns on the inside of the cheeks and tongue.”

The expert also explained that these sweets have a PH level similar to hydrochloric acid.

The girl said on the Australian channel that the feeling as if the skin was peeling off her tongue.

“I just wanted to warn the parents about how dangerous this candy is,” said the mother, while the girl promised that she would never eat candy or similar lollipops again.

The family spoke to 9News, which warned against this type of candy. Attention, powerful images can be: