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Gilles de Vigor reveals how long he should stay in the United States

Gilles de Vigor reveals how long he should stay in the United States

Gilles de Vigor He was one of the guest judges on “Super Dança”, which was shown during “Domingão” on TV Globo on Sunday (4). the host James Leverett The former BBB asked about his move to the United States, where Gill is expected to earn a Ph.D. in economics. Recently hired by the Rio station, the former BBB revealed that he should keep his influencer life from a distance, but surprised him by saying he intends to spend at least 6 years abroad.

Gilberto said he would dedicate one day a week to celebrity engagements and also commented on the feelings he felt when he learned he had shared the morning with Ana Maria Braga, in the “Tá Lascado” section, on “Mais Você. In chatting with Leifert, Gilles said he had already bought a ticket To travel to California, on September 3, to study at UC Davis.

“It’s broken”

Gil do Vigor will debut with “Tá Lascado” inMore than you“, in a day July 8, next Thursday. Every week the previous BBB will appear on Anna Maria Braga To talk a little about the economic scenario of our country and also answer questions about the economy and finance for the public. in another meaning, It’s a chance for everyone to learn how to take better care of their money..

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Gilles de Vigor’s painting “Mais Você” opened on July 8 (Image: Reproduction)

idea “It’s broken“It is a mixture of information and entertainment. Globo realized that Gilberto can be great at explaining things that people usually find more difficult to understand. And in a simple way. In other words, it is to get everyone out of the red. Best of all, it is assured that the image will continue even when Jill is in California doing his Ph.D.

Although it has not yet appeared for the first time, Anna Maria Braga Excited about the news. “Mais Você” is a program for providing services, but also for entertainment. One of the important issues in the context of the program is “money in your pocket”. As an economist, Jill will be able to talk about these topics in his own way, light and fun, but with important information passed on to families,” he said.

“I would be delighted to take part in the show. But I am sure that he would not abandon ‘dogs’ when necessary in front of so many ‘cut off’ people in our country,” he added. Gilles de VigorHe is also clearly very pleased with this achievement.

“It will be a very light partnership with Anna Maria, in a very wonderful place. I am sure she will give me that strength.” “I love this woman so much and I am very happy,” the former BBB said. “I think people want to listen and learn. Most people think that the science of economics and finance is impossible to understand or exist in practice, but it is not. As an economist, I will give you some basic advice and in a simple way,” he added.

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