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"Giant plane": a photographer records a rare phenomenon in the sky;  understand |  environment

“Giant plane”: a photographer records a rare phenomenon in the sky; understand | environment

or photographer Frankie Lucina I managed to record, with high-quality images, a rare phenomenon in the sky: giant plane (“giant plane” in English). Cabo Rojo registered, Puerto RicoOn the 20th of this month. See below and continue to explain the phenomenon):

Photographer Frankie Lucina recorded Giant Jet in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

What are giant aircraft?

“Giant jets (GJs) are phenomena that fall into a group called ‘transient luminous events’ (TLEs). TLEs are short-duration (less than 1 second) light phenomena that occur above storm clouds, and are associated with the occurrence of lightning,” explains Diego Rhamon, obtaining Master’s degree in Meteorology from the National Institute for Space Research (inpe). He himself filmed one of these events in Brazil.

The expert explains that among the transient light events, Giant planes are the rarest.

“He’s the only one [TLE] Which directly connects the top of the cloud to the ionosphere [uma das camadas da atmosfera]. The lower part describes a narrower, tree-trunk-like structure with a blue/purple color that gradually branches and becomes reddish near the top.”

For Diego Rhamon, the fallout from Lucina’s photos is due to the fact that they were made so well – perhaps for the first time. “Other GJs were scored at a much lower quality,” he says.

Professional cameras, for example, can be used, as long as they have suitable lenses. (On a cell phone, for example, this is not possible).

You can also watch the action with the naked eye, explains Diego Rhamon, “but it’s very weak, and it’s nice to be in a very dark place.”

Another point is that giant planes can be confused with another phenomenon, namely orcs.

“Imps are the most common type of TLE, and are associated with the occurrence of cloud-to-ground lightning, usually with positive polarity. They have a reddish color, and several branches are usually observed in their structure. They can occur at altitudes ranging from 30 to 90- 100 km [também na ionosfera]Diego Ramon explains.

Because of this color similarity, the researcher says, “If an image did not have a very clear definition, and also if there were obstructions covering the underside of a giant plane (clouds, mountains, buildings), it would be [o jato gigante] It can be confused with the Elf, because the greatest difference in the appearance of the two lies in the lower and central part,” he assessed.

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