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Giant lightning in America is 100 times more powerful than others

Giant lightning in America is 100 times more powerful than others

Researchers from several North American universities Mapped A giant lightning bolt that struck the sky in the US state of Oklahoma has yielded very important data about this rare phenomenon.

According to Levi Boggs, researcher and lead author of the mapping, this is the most powerful phenomenon ever studied.


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The lightning, which flew about 80 kilometers in space, carried 100 times more electricity than a typical thunderstorm, which carries less than five coulombs of electricity between cloud and ground or within clouds. Check out the video below that brings new details about the event:

New information on giant lightning strikes reaching space Credits: Science X: Phys.org, Medical Xpress, Tech Xplore

Until then, the phenomenon, which occurs between 1,000 and 50,000 times a year, mainly in tropical regions of the world, had never been seen in such rich detail. 8,000ºF (4,447ºC) and 440ºF (227ºC) identified the hot and cold regions of lightning.

According to Boggs, these giant lightning strikes can affect the operation of satellites in low Earth orbit. As more spatial objects are emitted, signal degradation and performance problems become more significant and frequent. Technologies such as over-the-horizon radar, which emit radio waves from the ionosphere 100 to 100 kilometers above Earth, could also be affected.

Scientists theorize that these giant lightning strikes are caused by something preventing the voltage from flowing downward toward the earth or clouds. There are still many unanswered questions about this event, mainly because it was an extremely rare event captured by some pilots or passengers on board or by ground observers operating night scan cameras.

via: Physics

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